Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Join a Challenge!

If you have never joined a quilt challenge you are missing out! Recently I have joined two quilt challenges that have really helped me to step out of my comfort zone and develop my skills. It started when I saw a block-a-week challenge started by A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop on my Instagram feed. In that challenge we are making a Flock of Geese block every single week in 2017. This is a 6-inch block (not normally a size I would choose to work on) and has really challenged me to sew more accurately, I plan to write more on that later. I haven't been able to sew a block every week but some weeks I sew ahead, so as of now I am caught up on this challenge!

So, feeling successful with the above challenge I thought I may as well join one more! The Moda Blockheads challenge  is also a block-a-week challenge, each week there is a different 6 inch block to stitch. Boy, this one has challenged my skills and my patience... but, I am learning so much! Look at all of the pieces in this block!

I would have NEVER decided to stitch something this little with so many pieces on my own. I actually didn't think I could do it!

I highly encourage you to join some sort of a quilting challenge, whether it is through social media, your local quilt shop, or guild. Stepping out of your comfort zone; working on different projects or with different colors than your normal choices will help you to grow.

Happy Stitching!

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