Monday, August 8, 2016


I am almost finished with a project my teen-age daughter and I have been collaborating on. It started a few years ago when she saw a picture in the Pottery Barn catalog of a quilt that she loved. I told her, "We can make that!" She picked out all of the fabrics, her choices were a little different than in the catalog. We did a lot of measuring to make it the exact size she wanted for her bed. I am ashamed to say we have had the center part of it made for a very long time! There is something about sewing borders on quilts that I don't like but with a lot of nagging on her part (it was warranted) I got the borders on sometime over my Christmas break. Right before we went on vacation last week I was FINALLY able to finish the quilting. I do enjoy hand-sewing binding so have been working on that the past few days while watching the Olympics.

I like to add a little dimension to my quilts when I can. This turquoise strip adds a nice pop of color to the quilt. 

After I stitched the white border on to the quilt body I basted the folded, turquoise strip to the the edge of the white border fabric. I then stitched the black polk-a-dot border as usual to the white border.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Back Home... Refreshed and Motivated

We are back home from a week in the mountains. Look at this gorgeous view we were able to enjoy from our cabin! When I made the cabin reservation I had only a vague idea as to it's location. We had no idea we had a 35 minute drive up the mountain. A large part of the drive was up a very  narrow, bumpy, steep road. I am pretty sure if we knew about the road conditions ahead of time we would have never decided to stay there. But... look what we would have missed out on. It makes me wonder what other things I have missed out on in my life because I was afraid of the drive.

Let this be a reminder to live life to the fullest, to step through fear, and enjoy the journey.



Friday, January 1, 2016

Under My Needle

I can't work on just one project at a time! Anyone else out there like that? I have to have several things going at once. I am sure it is not the most productive way to use my sewing time but that is how I enjoy doing things. So... here is a peak at a few of the projects under my needle the past few weeks.

First up is Bonnie Hunter's 2015 Mystery Quilt. My friend Nan asked if I would be interested in sewing along with her on this project. I jumped at the chance. It has been great to keep in contact with her while working on the same project. It has also been wonderful motivation to be sewing along with her. I am waaaayyyyy behind on this project. I just finished clue #3, and clue #6 was introduced late last night. I also felt overwhelmed keeping up so decided to make 1/2 the amount blocks. It has made this quilt-of-many-pieces seem manageable.

 Next up is a small project I finished yesterday. This is a small zipper pouch made from This and That Patterns and Moda's Gooseberry fabric. I love how it turned out and it went together pretty quick! I am going to be doing more travel this year with my new job and plan to use this to hold my various electronic chargers.

After starting Bonnie Hunter's Mystery I have become obsessed with her patterns. This one is called Wild & Goosey. The blocks finish 3 inches and are paper-pieced. I love how this is using up even my tiniest scraps that I hate to throw away. This will probably end up being a table runner or small wall-hanging.

That is all for now... I am off to do a little more sewing and some not-fun but necessary things like laundry. What are you working on? I would love to know!