Monday, August 8, 2016


I am almost finished with a project my teen-age daughter and I have been collaborating on. It started a few years ago when she saw a picture in the Pottery Barn catalog of a quilt that she loved. I told her, "We can make that!" She picked out all of the fabrics, her choices were a little different than in the catalog. We did a lot of measuring to make it the exact size she wanted for her bed. I am ashamed to say we have had the center part of it made for a very long time! There is something about sewing borders on quilts that I don't like but with a lot of nagging on her part (it was warranted) I got the borders on sometime over my Christmas break. Right before we went on vacation last week I was FINALLY able to finish the quilting. I do enjoy hand-sewing binding so have been working on that the past few days while watching the Olympics.

I like to add a little dimension to my quilts when I can. This turquoise strip adds a nice pop of color to the quilt. 

After I stitched the white border on to the quilt body I basted the folded, turquoise strip to the the edge of the white border fabric. I then stitched the black polk-a-dot border as usual to the white border.


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  2. Beautiful quilt. I love the flange. I am hoping that my daughter and I can make one this winter for her boyfriend.

  3. Thank you Patty!I could not come up with the word "flange":)I really do enjoy sewing with my girls, and hope they have a lot of good memories of doing that with me.