Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pyrex Finds

On the last day of visiting my parents my Mom took me and the girls to a few thrift stores. I am really excited about the Pyrex dishes I found! Look at these cheery colors! Just what I need this time of year! They remind me of spring.

I love the lids! These match an oval casserole dish I found this summer except the lid on that one is white. I've been thinking about what meals I might make using these cool casserole dishes. I have also been thinking my yellow, orange and lemongrass Fiesta Ware will look awesome with these!

Also excited to find this Fire King bowl (Kimberly pattern). I have a mug and one blue bowl. I love this line but they have been really hard to find around here.

Found this Pyrex casserole dish that matches the others at the second thrift store we stopped at.

We have been enjoying the weather around here. It was almost 60 degrees today, and it is almost January!

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