Saturday, December 17, 2011

Another Christmas gift finished

Those of you that know me know that I am a procrastinator. In college I was the one up all night long the night before a big paper was due. I get my bills paid on time, but usually on the very last day they are due. And at Christmas I am busy the week before trying to get all of my presents finished. Most of my family at one time or another has received a partially finished project for Christmas. I have finished another Christmas gift, and I do believe I am ahead of schedule!

This is a colored pencil roll. The pattern is from Pink Chalk Studio. It went together so easy. The hardest part was cutting all of the different colored fabrics.

I loved picking out fabrics for this! Each fabric matches a colored pencil. I cut fabrics to make four of these, but only needed one of them finished for Christmas.

My game plan for tomorrow is to hang out in my sewing room watching my favorite Christmas movies (Elf, and Christmas Vacation) and sewing like crazy! I should be back soon with more finished projects.

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