Monday, October 10, 2011

A ride in a big red truck

So, my youngest daughter won a fire-safety poster contest at her school. Here is a picture of her first place poster. It says, "Always check your smoke alarm so it will work like a charm". She said she was really upset when she started coloring her already green wall orange. With some creative thinking she drew someone painting the wall.

Her prize was a ride to school on a fire truck! She said she felt famous!!! Fireman Gordon picked her up this morning at our house. He took the long route to school so...

all of the other 3rd graders would have a chance to take their places at the front of the school to greet Tristan when she got there!

This was such a special day for her! To top it off a reporter from the news was there for some video and an interview. Look out Hollywood I think she is ready for the movies!


  1. Hooray for Tristan!!! So excited for her. I love the pictures of the kids cheering her on. Her picture is awesome... Give her a big kiss from all of us.


  2. Awesome! I bet she'll remember that ride in the fire truck for the rest of her life :-)