Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Check out these notebooks

I made these notepads this weekend out of recycled materials. Went through my cardboard recycling and cut the notepad fronts and backs out of pop/beer boxes. Next I cut a stack of old computer paper I had on hand in half. Took it all to the local copy store to have them all bound. I am saving the stacks of papers my kids bring home from school that only have printing on one side to make the next batch of notebooks. They are great to keep on hand for the never-ending to-do lists I make, the grocery lists and meal plans.


  1. I loved them Susan!!!! I am so going to copy this! Beautiful...

  2. I have been saving my cardboard boxes to make more of these and have been actually thinking about which ones would fit you best because I was going to mail you one! :-)I thought you might like these!