Sunday, June 26, 2011

A creativity retreat, new fabric and a kitten!

I spent the afternoon shopping and cooking for "The First Annual Fangman Girl's Creativity Retreat". When my daughters and I started planning this we called it a sewing retreat but as it got closer they thought of many other creative pursuits that they wanted to work on too. So we planned two days at home with no interruptions, no errands (except for Happy Hour runs to Sonic or McDonald's), and no chores! If you call and we don't answer it is because we are retreating! We have lots of snacks and meals prepared; pecan mini-muffins, fruit salad, orange punch, ice cream cookies, snack-mix, fresh fruit and veggies. We are ready to eat, sew, write and create. Plan to see some finished projects the next two days! See our spread below.

I got some new fabric in the mail a few days ago. A jelly-roll of Charlevoix by Minick and Simpson. I think it is a beautiful summery line. I have designed a few table toppers I want to make out of it. I also have some yardage of Strawberry Fields by JoAnna Figueroa, some of it is for a kitchen curtain the rest for a class I get to take taught by JoAnna herself! I will write more about that later, but I am super excited about it!

No, we did not get a kitten! I wanted to include this picture in the last post but technology won that argument. I am having better luck today. This is the kitten my daughter wanted to bring home when we visited the Humane Society. Isn't it cute?

I am off to get some sleep, plans are to get up early tomorrow and start creating!

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  1. Cool! I bet you guys are going to have a lot of fun!