Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Colors of autumn

I was off work today to take the girls in for their yearly check-ups at the doctor's office. It was an absolutely beautiful day here so I spent a little time outside this morning enjoying a walk. When I got back I thought the lighting outside seemed perfect for a few pictures. So, I dug through my pile of unfinished projects and pulled out a few that reminded me of this time of year, probably because of the fabric colors.

The above blocks are all hand-appliqued, probably why I never got any more blocks made.

I love the bears paw pattern, probably one of my favorites. The blocks above were made for a quilt I actually finished but I didn't think these two blocks fit in well with the quilt. The multi-colored one is pictured on my business card. The bottom block was an experiment. I saw the pattern for the block and it was a three colored block, I wanted to see what it looked like out of scraps. I really liked it but not enough to make more blocks, it took a long time to make.

Not sure what I am going to do with some of these. The block on the right I think would make a cute pillow topper. I remember working on it when on a trip before we had kids, so at least 12 years ago! The other block I made in a class when I first started quilting. It was a class on invisible machine applique. I learned a lot in the class but never finished any more blocks. Oh well, I believe not every project needs to be finished. Sometimes it is about the process not the finished project!

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