Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Good-bye to summer

According to the calendar summer doesn't end until September 22nd. Some people consider Labor Day weekend the end of the summer season, by these accounts we still have several weeks left of this glorious season. For me, it ends tomorrow. Being a teacher I report back to work in the morning. Back to setting the alarm clock before bedtime and rushing around in the morning. I can say I truly feel blessed to have a job I enjoy so much mid-August through the end of May, but the true blessing is being able to enjoy summer time with my girls. It is wonderful to have a part of each year where I can slow down, enjoy my coffee on the front porch with my journal, have no place I have to be at a specific time, and to spend time together as a family "just being".

So, good-bye to drinking my morning coffee on the front porch. Good-bye to the swimming pool and the lake. Good-bye to staying up late reading and eating a leisurely breakfast. Hello to a routine, early mornings and packing lunches. Hello to new school supplies (I still love picking out new notebooks and pens each year). Hello to new students and new opportunities. May all of you with students have a blessed new school year and the rest of you enjoy the end of your summer.

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