Sunday, March 27, 2011

Family quilts

Over spring break I made a quick visit to see my parents in SE Kansas. While there I spent some time looking through some of my Grandma's things. I was very excited to find some old quilts. I was even more excited to find a short note written by my Grandma pinned to the back of each of them. I took a few pictures of each quilt and made notes about who made each. When I was finished I packed the quilts back up and left them at Mom and Dad's.

The above quilt was made by my Grandma's sister Lela Webster. This is probably the newest of all of the quilts.

The note on the gold quilt said pieced by "grandma". This was my Grandma's Grandma. I am not sure which Grandma. I need to ask Dad. The light colored blocks are all string pieced. It is machine quilted. I am guessing Grandma had it machine quilted.

This quilt was made by my Grandma and her Grandma Foushee. It is hand-quilted in straight lines about 1 1/2 inches apart. I did not notice the discoloration of the quilt when I looked at it in person, I only noticed when looking at the photographs that I took.

The above quilt was the most exciting find!!! This quilt was made by my Grandma's Grandma Wright (My great-great-great Grandmother) in 1883. It is in fairly decent shape except for the stains that you see in the photo. I spent some time drafting the block this week. Drafting one block seemed to take forever, I can't imagine how long it took to cut all 20 blocks by hand and to sew them by hand as well. My goal is to make a smaller version of this quilt, maybe 5 blocks and I am thinking of making it in apple green. The other exciting thing about this quilt is there is a tag stitched to the back that says it is a part of the Kansas Quilt Project in 1986. I don't know anything about it but will look into it this week.

This last quilt is designed and made by me. I had it with me at Mom and Dad's to take some photos of it there. I thought I would throw this photo in for good measure.


  1. Susan, you blog is great and I love the pictures of your family quilts. What treasures those are. Hopefully a few of them will find their way into your hope chest! The pictures of the girls are adoable especially Carrie Nation (looks just like you) and the Bunny! How sweet. Good job with setting up and getting going on your blog. I signed up as a follower so I can keep track.

  2. Thank you Reeze! I sent you an e-mail congratulating you on your magazine cover! However, I am not sure I sent it to the correct address. So great job, I am so proud of you!

  3. Cool blog Susan :-) I'm looking forward to following along!

  4. Thanks Mark! Now that I have followers I will have to do a better job of posting more often. I need the motivation. I hope it motivates me to finish some of my projects too!