Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Folded Star Potholder

I recently bought this folded star potholder at a garage sale for a quarter.  It reminded me of one we had growing up that was made by my grandma. After looking at it for awhile I thought I could make one! I deconstructed this and made my own.

Love how it turned out and it was so much fun to make!!!!! It was all made by hand except for the binding. I can not wait to make more of these...  I would love some ideas on how else to use a folded star in a project. Please leave comments/links below.

Stay tuned for a tutorial... I am trying to step things up around here.


  1. That's really pretty! And I love the Debbie Mumm stripe! I've used a million yards of that in my life, especially that exact blue one! :)

    I think folded stars would be cute as placemats, pillows, wallhangings, regular quilt blocks...I wonder how small you could make one? Anything is cute as a mini!

    Just noticed you started a blog list. Thanks for putting me on it! :)

  2. I am down to my last little bit of that fabric. :( I have been thinking about making little folded stars for coasters and Christmas tree ornaments but not sure I have the patience to work with pieces that tiny.

    I am finally figuring some things out on my blog and seeing yours (with me on your blog list-thanks!) has inspired me! Thank-you Nan!