Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm Back...

I have been waiting all winter for winter. Watching the weather, waiting for some white stuff. It is already past mid-February and I think we have only had three days of winter-weather here, and now I am so over it! Bring on spring time!!! Monday we had a little snow, Tuesday we had black-ice. Tuesday I slipped on the ice walking into work and whapped my head on the concrete. Maybe it knocked some sense into me, but mainly it hurt really bad, sent me to the doctor's office, and has kept me from getting much of anything accomplished. I have a slight concussion, got a few extra days off work and so should be caught up on my rest by now. Anyway... on to other things...

I have found some awesome Pyrex pieces lately. Below is a chip and dip set. I think it would also be fun for veggies and dip.

Love the pink pie plate, I have been looking for one. Also found the red fridgie dish minus the lid for a great price. The yellow piece I paid a little more for but am really drawn to yellows and oranges right now.

Have been enjoying time to read so far this year. Three of the books were on my January goals list. I have been focusing on the topic of simplifying as that is a major goal for me this year. All, great books, if you are into that sort of thing.:-) The "No Excuses" book is on self-discipline something else I am working on. (I have only had one pop since January 1st!)

These books are on my must read list for February. Since I haven't been able to read the last week, because of the whap to the head it may be March before I get them all finished.

I have had the chance to do a little sewing since I last posted! Yeah me! Below are two of the reusable gift bags I have been making. I have a goal every month to accomplish something towards Christmas. I find myself with a huge list of things to do in December and always feel crumby because I don't have the time to do half of them, thus a goal every month that has to do with Christmas. You can find a tutorial on how to make the bags here . They go together very quickly and it has been a fun way to use up some of the Christmas fabrics in my stash.

Last weekend I was able to "retreat" with a few of my girlfriends. We did a lot of sewing, laughing, eating and I do believe we solved a few of the worlds problems. While there I was finally able to finish my Swoon blocks. The top still needs pieced. I promise I won't show it again until it is finished.

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